Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CVS 7/14

CVS had a bunch of items 90% off! Wish I would have grabbed a few more things while I was there, but having a 3 year old makes shopping a little more difficult when you are wanting to brows. Also - I used up all my ECB's my last trip 2 weeks ago on necessities since they were about the expire so I didn't have any to roll this go around.

Lipsmackers: $.49

"Grandma" gift set: $.69

CVS Electrolyte strips: $.49

Chocolate Bunny: $.49

Mints: $.19

Gillette Razor: $7.99
-$4.00 coupon

Tylenol Arthritis: $2.99
-$2.00 coupon

CVS School Glue: $.99

Calibur Scissors: $2.99

Total OOP: $13.25
Total ECB's earned: $10.98
Total Saved: $34.60

Year to Date OOP: $61.07
Year to Date Savings: $409.30